TETRA Classroom Training System

TETRAsim Classroom is a simulated training and learning system for TETRA radios and Command & Control applications. With the TETRAsim Classroom the training can be taken from the field in to the classroom or to a portable laptop based system. This provides numerous advantages such as increased controllability, feedback, standardization of skills, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Simulators are available for TETRA radios and C&C systems of all major manufacturers (Airbus, Motorola, Sepura) in any language.

Dispatcher Workstation simulators

TETRAsim Dispatcher simulators are ideal tools for training personnel to the TETRA dispatcher function. Simulators support all the features of the real dispatching stations, reaching from voice and data communication to network management.

Trainer System

TETRAsim offers a large variety of options for the instructor to plan, control and measure the training sessions.

Terminal simulators

TETRAsim terminal simulators provide full one-to-one functionality with the real terminals, including voice and data. Everything from network changes to emergency calls is simulated.

Training example